Pop Up Shul provides everything you need to create a meditative and unique prayer experience in the comfort of your own home, with your own family. Come as you are.  Recharge your spiritual connection in a whole new way - no stained glass or ebony pews needed. Without the externals, you’ll find yourself in a DMC with G-d like never before.

If you have any questions, please email me  at ydavid@aish.com


What will my backyard High Holidays experience look like?

When you sign up to host a Pop Up Shul, you will be asked to choose from 2 types of experiences:

1.  The Innovative High Holidays Experience: This will focus on understanding the prayers, why we pray and how they inspire us. Tailor-made discussions and learning for the adult participant.

2. The Family Experience: This is for families with young children. Appropriate for all ages, but focused on the young ones.

Will Pop UP SHUL provide any training?

Beginning August 30th, we will offer many classes and prep sessions through zoom to get you ready for the Bimah! (Click on the HH Prep Classes tab above for all the details.)

Who leads our POP UP SHUL?

It's up to you. We recommend "sharing the Bimah," But it's completely up to you if it will be led by a grandparent, parent, or even the kids.

Will Pop UP Shul be providing any materials?

Yes, you will receive 1 of 2 packets depending on the High Holidays experience you choose.

Who is coming to my POP UP SHUL?

Only the people you invite. Anyone that you have not been socially distancing from can be there, family, close friends, or anyone you are comfortable inviting.

What about Yizkor service on Yom Kippur?

Aish will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to make Yizkor meaningful.

What about cost?

Our Pop Up Shul is totally free.  If you would like to partner with us to support this program and help us continue providing Aish programs that have educated and inspired you with the love and relevance of Torah, please click here.